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Mainstream Investment Management: Often focuses on chasing investment returns. This approach can translate into disappointment.

MRA’s Approach: Focuses on helping clients understand and manage investment risk tolerance, as well as increasing their chances for goal achievement. 


With your Risk Number, we can help you set investment portfolio expectations using a measure of risk rather than return, leading to a better informed and satisfied client.

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Find out how much risk is in your portfolio.


We don’t charge commissions.  We offer fee-based investment solutions using WealthBuilder Investing as goals-based investment strategies that focus on helping clients understanding and managing investment risk, as well as increasing their changes for goal achievement.  Investment advisory fee based on assets under management. Fee ranges from 0.40% to 1.50% per year. See ADV Brochure for details.

Choose from a diverse set of portfolios that reflect your investment profile:


– Taxable or IRA-specific portfolio
– Risk based allocations

The WealthBuilder Portfolios are created from a pool of hundreds of low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and/or no-load mutual funds across major fund families. Features:

– No account maintenance fees, trading commissions or custody fees charged to clients.
– Automated rebalancing and/or re-optimatization
– Offer a dedicated website and mobile app 
– Paperless onboarding, with streamlined account opening and funding processes
– 1.00% cash minimum in each portfolio. Cash held at FDIC-insured account and pays an indexed, market-based interest rate* 
– Minimum account size may apply
– Portfolios comprise of Core (traditional asset allocation) and Explore (tactical asset allocation) investment themes

Additional portfolio customization, which includes individual stocks, bonds, alternatives and private equity may be available for account sizes of $500,000 or higher

*Investment Products: Not FDIC-Insured – No bank Guarantee – May Lose Money Request and review our ADV Brochure for additional details (see link to document below).


MRA Women’s Action Portfolio is a customized large-cap equity portfolio constructed of individual stocks and ETFs. The portfolio follows a set of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria. Stocks are selected based on a framework of companies who are fostering a sustainable and responsible environment for their products, services, supply chains and workforces. The objective of the portfolio is to provide total returns to investors through the combination of income from dividends and capital appreciation. Focus is on stocks with low valuations and dividend rates of 2.0% or higher. The benchmark is the Standard & Poor’s 500 index.

The MRA Women’s Action Portfolio is a “Gender Lens” portfolio that looks at companies that advance women at all levels from corporate boards and upper management to the factory floors and customer service positions. The portfolio invests in those companies that are empowering women in their workforce, in their products and services and in the community. Companies selected have adopted policies and shown action towards gender equality.

Any equity portfolios are invested as part of an overall investment strategy and asset allocation based on the client’s risk tolerance parameters.

For additional information, contact:
Beth P. Wahlig, MBA
Private Wealth Advisor

*Investment Products: Not FDIC-Insured – No bank Guarantee – May Lose Money Request and review our ADV Brochure for additional details.